Services - Cantilever Rack Guide

  • Installation Guide

  • (A) Diagonal Attachment
    (B) Bolt Assembly 1 1/8″ × 3/8"
    © Bolt Assembly 2″ × 5/8"
    (D) Wedge Anchor
    (E) Bolt Assembly 4 5/8″ × 1/2"
    (F) Cotter Pins
    365bet开户 (G) Arm Key

  • (H) Diagonal Brace
    (I) Straight Brace

  • Instructions:

    1) Attach towers to base using (4) x © Bolt assemblies – Wedge goes between base and tower, thick part of wedge towards front of tower.

    2) Stand tower / base combo up. Attach straight bracing (I) to outside holes (J) on tower using (E) bolt assemblies.
    365bet开户 For 12’ towers, use 4 straight braces. For 16’ towers, use 6 straight braces.

    3) Attach diagonal braces (H) to inside holes (K). To do this, attach diagonal braces (H) to diagonal attachments (A) using (B) bolt assemblies . Then attach diagonal attachments to towers using (E) bolt assemblies. Note: Bracing should overlap and resemble photo below.

  • 365bet开户4) To secure bases to floor, install wedge anchors (D) in bottom holes of bases.

    5) Attach arms to outside holes (J) and (L) on towers using bolt assembly (E) and arm key and cotter pin (F) and (G).

    Note: All openings between towers will require straight bracing. Diagonal bracing is not used in every opening between towers. You sales representative will determine where it is needed.